Independent  & Pioneer Fire Companies:
Two Stations, One Community

A spark can cause a blaze in a moment. When people call 911, we respond. We’re here and Jenkintown firefighters answer the calls in minutes. As a volunteer with the Jenkintown Fire Department, YOU can, too.

We see you every day, walking your dog or getting a cup of coffee. You might ask to borrow a cup of sugar over the backyard fence. You are the people we serve. Come join us to help protect our hometown.

We will find a way for you to use your talents. The training and equipment are free and you’ll learn the skills you need to protect property and save lives so you can be the neighbor who saves a neighbor. Join the men and women who fight Jenkintown fires today!

Volunteer to be the neighbor who saves a neighbor.
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“If you want to give back to your community, make lifelong friends and be part of an extended family, join the Jenkintown Fire Department.”
- Pioneer Lt. Scott Smyth.
Since the 1880s, our firefighters have protected and served our Jenkintown friends and neighbors. You can join us to carry our mission into the future. We work as a team and are always there for each other. We care about our home town and fight hard to keep it safe. We’re trained and ready to respond to any emergency. Join us!